Thursday, June 30, 2011

Spiritual Discipline

I just recently finished reading a book by Gordon MacDonald titled, Ordering Your Private World. A great book, because of the wealth of wisdom and knowledge that it provided. One of the many life changing points that hit home with me was the need to have spiritual discipline. Spiritual discipline was something I never really considered or heard much about before this book. It makes sense that just as athletes train and are disciplined, we too must train and discipline our "private worlds", a.k.a our spiritual life..."If we are ever to develop a spiritual life that gives contentment, it will be because we approach spiritual living as a discipline, much as athletes trains his body for competition."

We must be spiritual disciplined if we ever expect to be the leader for our wives and children that God has called us to be. I realize now that I too, must be more intentional in my journey of becoming spiritually disciplined. Below are some spiritual exercises for spiritual discipline:

  • Solitude and silence (you must find a place of peace each and every day that is free of distractions so that you may meet with the Lord in "your garden." Will explain what our garden is in a future post)

  • Regular listening to God (Be careful not to make it a one-way street, but rather an open dialogue. Will give pointers on how to use journaling as a way to foster this dialogue in a future post)

  • Reflection and meditation (Take the time to reflect and internalize what God has laid on your heart during this time with Him. This stage is important, so don't get caught up with getting on with the day that you miss this)

  • Prayer as worship and intercession (Be sure to not make this solely a time for request on oneself, but rather a time to thank God/adore Him, confess, and to ultimately pray for others, i.e. intercession)

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